Corporate Commissions

I have been commissioned by over 50 different companies to develop and make works of art specific to their company and their needs. Some these companies include: Alleghany Corp., Neo Stem-Progenitor Cell Therapy, Velocity Corp, John Wiley&Sons, Emcor, William Bartram Group,United Airlines La Guardia NYC, Soundview, Odyseey Re, The Big Apple Circus, Pepsico Collection, & The NY Philharmonic, St Barnabas Medical Center, and Frontier.  

“Frontier I” 48x40” Mixed Media Canvas

“Frontier II” 48x40” Mixed Media Canvas

“Carnegie”         6ft x 28ft                                mixed media         detail section

“Atlanta”   40x88”  Mixed Media Canvas

Ill Giglio Resturant Tribeca NY 40x48” Mixed Media Canvas

Tontine Commission

“Carnegie”   6ft x37ft  NYC

"The Cooperman Family Pavilion"               St. Barnabas Medical Center                     Archival Watercolor