Installations / Sculpture

Music 3 &4 ”                              2 Canvases Mixed Media                     Private Home   Installation Fl

“Carnegie “  Installation 6ft x 28ft              Mixed Media Canvas             NYC

“Carnegie”   Installation Sec2 of 3       6ft x 28ft                 mixed media on canvas              NYC

“Moment In Time” 4 Printed Fabric 4x6 ft each

TriBeCa Temporary Gallery NYC               

il Giglio Resturant  81Warren Street              3 mixed media canvases  Tribeca NY

38x50” Mixed Media Paper Piece  The Scowcroft Group Washington DC Board Room

"Oramge Road Commission" 20x 15 feet

Parking Garage Montclair, NJ   Jaguar /Volvo Town of Montclair