2012: Permanent Collection Painting Charlotte Hobs Library

2011: Panel Discussion Renwick & Gem Park Avenue, NY

2011: John Wiley Commission

2011: PRTM Management Consultants Commission

2011: Fenway Golf Club Commission

2011: John Wiley & Son New Commission

2010: Book “Reflections of Generosity” Poem & Art Installation w/ pic

2010: Progenitor Commission 3 Canvases at East Coast Headquarters

2010: Photo-shoot w CBS News at Progenitor Headquarters

2010: “Generosity of Their Giving” Installation West Germany

2009: Adelaide Gallery “New Work”

2009: Fort Drum NY “Generosity of Their Giving" Installation

2008: BOOK:  “500 Enameled Objects” published by Lark Books

2009: McGraw Hill Commission

2009: Delotte Atlanta, GA Canvas Commission

2008: Grid Iron Capital Commission

2007: “Natural Elements” 20”x20' permanent outdoor Metal Sculpture Commission Town of Montclair, NJ & Jaguar Volvo

2006: Il' Giglio Restaurant Commission 3 Canvases

2006: Camuloa Capital Commission

2006: Pollack Krasner Grant

2006: Wolf & Samson Commission

2006: Online Resources Commission Canvas

2006: Congressman Bill Pascrell Mixed Media Commission

2005: Zwicker Electric Commission

2005: Time Warner Collection

2005: Alleghany Mixed Media Canvas Commission

2005: John Wiley & Sons Commission Donald Kieso

2004: Commission Circle Line Owners

2004: Iridian Asset Commission

2003: Guy Carpenter Commission Canvas

2003: Sato Museum Show & Lecture

2003: Tontine Partners Commission Canvas

2003: Odyssey Re Commission Canvas Mixed Media

2003: Review:  “The New York Art World” March

2002: Odyssey Re Commission Mixed Media Canvas

2002: Wiley World Article

2002: Velocity Commission

2002: John Wiley & Sons Commission New Headquarters

2002: “Digital Graphics Magazine” Feature Article April

2001: Soundview Commission Canvas

2001 United Airlines Commission Kennedy Airport Mixed Media Canvas

2001: The White House Display Commission

2001: Thames Water London, England Mixed Media Canvas

2001 Emcor Commission Mixed Media Canvas

1999: The American Institute For Foreign Studies Commission 3 Canvases

1999: Material Award Dick Blick Art Supplies

1999: Hong Kong Commission Mixed Media on Paper

1997: Grant to Dominican Republic by GE Corp for Altos de Chavon

1983: Oxbow Grant Holland Michigan

1985: Nominated for a “Bessie” for stage set “Mirror Lake”

1985: NEA Grant for Mirror Lake


San Francisco Art Institute BFA


Archives of the Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

Erwin McManus

CBS David Letterman

Mr. &Mrs. Weston Hicks

Bell Atlantic

Wolf & Samson

McGraw Hill Collection

Spectrum Equities partners



Sanyo Headquarters

Canon Corp

Virginia Surgery Associates

Goldman Sachs

Day Berry &Howard

Mintz levin Cohen Ferris

Cushman & wWakefield

Bobette Buster

Leonard & Murial Moss

The Jesuit Society

Zimmerli Art Museum


Washington University

St, Louis University Humanities Dept.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Birchwood Country Club

Circle line

First Potomac Realty

Chermayeff & Geismar

Blue Cross Blue Sheild

The American Institute of Foreign Studies

Alleghany Corp

Allied Capital Corp

Bonner Kierman Trebach & Crociata

Thames Water Corporation

PepsiCo Collection

The Pfizer Corporate Collection    

Alleghany Corp Headquarters NYC

PNC Bank Washington D.C.

The Scowcroft Group Washington, D.C.

Charlotte Hobbs Library Lovell, Maine

The Nayden Family Florida

Lincoln Center Dance Collection

PRMT Management Consultants

Fenway Golf Club CT

The Carlyle Group

Fitzwater Dean P.I.C.

Time Warner Collection NY

The Union League Club

United Airlines Collection

The Smithsonian Institute

Richard Field Esq.

William Bartram Building  

Mobile Oil

Eleanor Rait Curator

Dana Gioia Chairman NEA

John Wiley & Sons

Hofstra Museum Permanent Collection

Erwin McManus

CBS David Letterman

Mr.&Mrs. Weston Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Cooperman

St. Barnabas Medical Center

Bell Atlantic

Wolf & Samson

McGraw Hill Collection

Spectrum Equities Partners



Sanyo Headquarters

Canon Corp

Goldman Sachs

Day Berry &Howard

Mintz levin Cohen Ferris

Cushman & Wakefield

Bobette Buster

Leonard & Muriel Moss

The Jesuit Society

Zimmerli Art Museum  

Sun Bank  


Washington University

St, Louis University Humanities Dept.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Birchwood Country Club

Circle line

First Potomac Realty

Chermayeff & Geismar

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The American Institute of Foreign Studies

Sun Bank

Allied Capital Corp

Bonner Kierman Trebach & Crociata

Thames Water Corporation


2016: Photograph Exhibition of Ishmael Houston Jones at Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara

2016: Moment In Time Installation Fort Riley

2016 Calgary Canada group show

2016: Miniature Show Monmouth Museum

2016: Art in a Box  Westbeth Gallery

2016: “Grace Unfolding” group show Montclair, NJ

2015: Art in a Box Painting Center NY

2014: Greenwood Gala Exhibition

2014: “ Art in a Box Skylight Gallery

2012: Cheryl Pelvin Gallery Art in a Box

2011: Renwick Gem Gallery 3 person show

2011 Cape Cod Museum

2010-2011: Generosity of Their Giving Installation Germany

2010: Innovative Arts Gallery Installation

2010: AIR Gallery

2019: Adelaide Gallery

2008: Erlich Gallery Mass.

2008: Adelaide Gallery

2008: Adelaide Gallery

2007: G Gallery Hiroshima, Japan

2007: Bachelier  Cardonsky Gallery Kent Ct.

2007: Erlich Gallery Group Show

2007: George Segal Museum Montclair, NJ

2006: Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

2006: North Fork Bank Upper Montclair, NJ

2006: International Art Show San Diego Art Institute hosted by Sony

2006: Erlich Gallery Mass.

2006: Small Works Show NYU Gallery NYC

2005: Corcoran Museum WPAC Mixed Media on Canvas

2005: The Boston Print Biennial: Joann Moser- Smithsonian Curator Graphic Arts

2004: Walker Kornbluth Gallery Photography Show

2003: The Boston Print Biennale Curator Marilyn Kushner Brooklyn Museum

2003: Walker Kornbluth Gallery Works on Paper

2002: “The Return of Beauty” Kristan Frederick Gallery NYC

2002: Mira Mar Gallery Sarasota, Fl.

2002: Walker Kornbluth Gallery “Photographs”

2002: Works On Paper Show Kathryn Markel Gallery NYC @ The Armory

2001: Tribeca Temporary 3 Person Show

2000: Dillon Gallery Group Show NYC

2000:  Works on Paper Show @The Armory

2000: Dillon Gallery Group Show

1999: The Alliance for Young Writers & Artists Puck Building NYC Hosted: Loren Michaels & Scholastic Mag.

1999: Walker Kornbluth Gallery “Important Papers”

1999: Dillon Gallery 5th Annual Invitational Group Show

1999: North American Print Show Boston University

1998: 4 Person Walker Kornbluth Gallery

1998: Blue River Gallery Solo Show Jacksonville, FL

1998: NJ Council of Jewish Woman Print Exhibition

1997: “The Alliance for Young Writers & Artists Hosted by Robert Redford & Richard Avedon

1997: Parsons School of Design GE Grant to Dominican Republic Altos De Chavon

1997: Manhattan Graphic Center Curator David Kiehl Whitney Museum


2005: Walker Kornbluth Gallery

2003: Kathryn Markel Gallery

2001: The White House Representing NY State

2000: Walker Kornbluth Gallery

1999: Locus Gallery 2 person show

1998: Blue River Gallery Jacksonville, FL

1992: Union League Gallery

1992: Fay Gold Gallery Atlanta GA

1987: Gallerie Fenna De Vries Rotterdam, Holland

1987: Dance Theater Workshop Gallery Solo Show

1985: Lake Placid Gallery NY

1985: Gallerie Fenna De Vries Solo Show

1984: Strassschow De Oosterport Groingan Holland Solo

1984: Akademie de Kunst West Berlin, Germany Solo Show

1984: De Rotterdanse Schowburg Rotterdam, Holland

1983: Dance Theater Workshop Gallery Solo Show


Simon & Schuster 8 Book Covers

Arak Kanosky Studios Etching ED:32

Walker Kornbluth Gallery Etching ED:32

Lark Books


Newark Museum 2010-2011

Hewn Oaks 2007-2010

Solo Press Shop Manager 1980-1985 Fine Art Lithography

Rhino Studios Ongoing Etching, Monoprints, Giclee Archival Prints

Queens College Lithography

Printmaking Council of NJ Litho, Photo Techniques in Printmaking

School of Visual Arts Lithography

Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

CT Graphic Arts

Montclair Art Museum Monoprinting


Equitable Building NYC, Sports Illustrated, Lake Placid Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, Casa De Campo Dominican Republic, Ritz Theater NYC, PS.122. Welsh Repertory Cardiff, Wales,Dire Straits Band song “Private Investigations” Video RCA Records, American Ballet Theater, Dewars Profiles New Yorker Magazine


PAMELA MOORE   TELE:  212-226-3434                       pmoore41@nyc.rr.com

Partial List of Clients:


Alleghany Corp, PCSB Bank, Frontier, PNC Bank, Forester& Foster, The Scrowcoft Group, W.R. Grace Alumni Association, Birchwood Country Club, Nayden Family, The United States Army, John Wiley & Sons, Williams Family Collection, Renwick Gem, PRTM Management Consultants, Progenitor, Fenway Golf Club, I'Giglio Restaurant NYC, Emcor Corp, Wolf & Samson, Congressman Bill Pascrell, The Bartram Building, Zwicker Electric, St. Barnabas Medical Center, Leon Cooperman,Mount Sinai Out Patient Center

Time Warner Collection, Circle Line, Circle Line, Camulos Capital, Online Resources, Iridian Asset Management, Guy Carpenter Commission, Sato Museum Tokyo, Tontine Partners, Odyssey Re, Velocity, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Terex Corp, Personal Physicians of Ct, Kingswood Condo,Camulos Capital United Airlines JFK ,Hudson Castle , Montclair Jaguar Volvo & The Town of Montclair


2017: Commission St. Barnabas Medical Center

2017: Curator "20x20" Studio Montclair October

2017: Exhibition Photograph of Ishmael Houston Jones at Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara

2016: Grace Unfolding Montclair, NJ

2016: New Commission Alleghany Corp Headquarters Lobby Installation Mural 12'x10'

2016: Fort Riley “Moment In Time” Installation ROG Show

2016: AIR Gallery Brooklyn, NY

2016: Calgary Canada

2016: Strategic Command Nebraska

2016: Monmouth Museum Miniature Painting Show NJ

2015: Art In A Box NYC Painting Center

2015: Sanford University, Alabama

2015: Saatchi Art purchase

2015: PCSB Bank Commission CT

2015 Fort Riley Kansas

2015 Fort Carson Colorado

2015: PNC Bank Commission

2015: Fort Hood Exhibition

2013: “Reflections Of Freedom” Book Cover US Army

2013: “Enduring Freedom” Fallen Soldiers Project

2013: “Music I” Painting Williams Collection

2103: Lecture “Monoprints” The Painterly Print Rhino Studios

2012-2013: Commission Lobby 94 Street Canvas 6'x28' Mural

The Mount Sinai  Hospital Out Paient Medical Services